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CornCyc is comprehensive metabolic pathway resources developed using the Pathway Tools Software Suite in collaboration between MaizeGDB, the Plant Metabolic Network (PMN) (CornCyc). MaizeGDB curators performed literature-based manual annotation for both resources. MaizeCyc is a comparable tool that was once supported here, but no longer is. Comparisons between CornCyc and MaizeCyc can be found below.

While CornCyc and MaizeCyc are generated using the same Pathway Tools Software Suite to generate their respective data sets, they differ in the number of pathways, enzymes, and enzymatic reactions. This is mainly due to their respective methods of assigning enzymatic function. You can find more information about both resources in the "Information and Tutorials" section below.

RefGen_v4 (Zm00001d gene models)

RefGen_v3 (5b+ gene models)

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